Why You Need to Buy an Electric Scooter As Soon as Possible

You might be thinking what most people are right now, ‘seriously? an electric scooter?‘. Yes, you probably will look nerdy using an electric scooter and you probably never will, however, they are extremely convenient, energy efficient, space efficient, and easy to use. Electric scooters may soon become a necessity for anyone in need of transportation.

Benefits of using and owning an electric scooter.                 

            Electric scooters really are becoming one of the best alternate forms of transportation in more crowded areas. They do not require you to get a license as their speed is not as high as bikes or even cars, so if you are a young adult, they can be the perfect alternative. They are portable, as well as environmentally respectful(lower emissions in comparison to cars). They are conveniently sized, smooth, comfortable, and if you prefer for health reasons, you could even consider taking out the battery. But one of the biggest strengths that e-scooters have is the ability to significant time. Sometimes a taxi or an uber just isn’t enough, and you don’t have the time to walk to your destination. This is where the electric scooter shines, as you can take advantage of the size and portability that a car just does not have. You can use them almost anywhere(even the subway)!

Similar Alternatives.

            While it’s understandable to not enjoy the look or ‘style’ on an electric scooter, there are plenty of alternatives. Ranging from the ever-growing boosted board(essentially a skateboard with a motor) to electric bikes, there are plenty of alternatives that can satisfy your desire. Although many of these other options have negative factors. In the case of electric skateboards, you would need to take the time to learn how to use them, and a loss of safety, while they do benefit in speed and portability. Or in the case of an electric bike, as they are bulkier and not as spatially efficient as smaller products.

Cars are not going to be around for very much longer.

            The UN has predicted that the global human population will grow to 9.6 billion by 2050. The growth of population will bring more people into cities, and rural areas will become more urban. That means less space for cars and breeds more traffic for roads. Cities are already packed with cars and traffic and unsightly parking garages. Cars are not only spatially inefficient, but are also poisoning our environment. Even Bill Ford, Jr. has stated that there will be inevitable decline in the amount of cars that will be purchased.

The practical and economical factors of electric scooters should already be more than enough reason to go out and buy one. However on top of that, the fact that world is becoming more and more crowded should also be reason to go out and buy one. And if electric scooters really are just not your thing, look towards purchasing an electric bike or hoverboard.